Artist Interview: @Moy_Photo

Moy Dumadag is a Maryland based photographer. He has dedicated his time to shooting portraits that feature symmetry and approach a unique take on the locations in relation to the subject. His signature work focuses on natural and artificial light in portraiture.

Artist Interview: @IvanFerrera

Ivan Ferrera (@ivanferrera) is a NY/NJ-based photographer. With a professional career in Information Technology, Ivan began dedicating his pastime to shooting the spectacular New York City views as seen from New Jersey where he was born and raised. Working in New York City and living right across the hudson river has allowed him to focus on bringing NYC to his followers around the world. Along with following him on his instagram, check out his work at

Artist Interview: @Anh.Yeong

Nogc Van Anh Nguyen (@Anh.Yeong) is a Berlin-based photographer. She has dedicated her time to shooting futuristic architecture, street and sometimes portraits as well. Her signature work showcases leading lines which focus the subject and interesting perspectives/angles of architectures & negative space. Along with following her on Instagram, check out her work and projects at

Artist Interview: @Angry.Johnny

Sean Mahon (@Angry.Johnny) is a New Jersey based photographer. He has predominantly based his work around his home state of New Jersey and beyond. His work aims to highlight a few unique perspectives and to constantly remind his audience to chase happiness; first and foremost. Follow him on Instagram for more of his work!

Artist Interview: @Axel_Corjon

Axel Corjon (@axel_corjon) is a photographer based in Paris, France. He's a designer and entrepreneur by day, and spends his nights exploring cities. His main focus his exploring artificial lights and how places look totally different at night. Axel’s signature work focuses on alternative color-grading and complex (but discreet) editing.

Artist Interview: @Ali.Horne

Alistair Horne (@Ali.Horne) is a Scottish based freelance photographer. He has

predominantly based his work in his home country of Scotland but has also travelled further afield to Scandinavia and North America for work, with a focus on landscapes and wildlife photography being his two main passions.

His signature work focuses on showing off the colours of the landscape through the seasons and emphasising the mood and unpredictable weather in Scotland. Along with following him on his Instagram, you can check out his work at

Artist Interview: @lame.pv

Jon Starowsky (@lame.pv) is a Philadelphia-based photographer. He has dedicated his time to shooting portraits, lifestyle, and capturing those candid moments. Interested in seeing some of his signature work? Watch our interview with him on on this episode of Focal Points. Jon shares his story about his journey as a photographer, don’t miss out!

Artist Interview: @Sshoolz

Get to know Artist @Sshoolz! He is a Washington, DC based photographer that has dedicated his time to capture Washington from his personal and unique point of view. His work mostly consists of applying creative concepts to DC’s urban landscape. You can find more of his work on his Instagram. 

Artist Interview: @ConnorSchmidtt

Connor Schmidt (@ConnorSchmidtt!) is a full-time student at CU Boulder and freelance photographer. Born and raised in Colorado, Connor has grown quite familiar with the mountains and surrounding states. Connor picked up his first camera at the age of 13 and has been taking photos ever since. With a primary focus on landscapes, Connor aims to show off some of the world’s most beautiful places through his unique perspective. 

Artist Interview: @JaredQGunderson

Jared Gunderson (@jaredqgunderson) is a Seattle based photographer specializing in nature and landscapes from all across the Western United States and Canada. As an avid hiker and backpacker, Jared gives a different perspective from the typically seen photos, casting a unique look into the raw beauty of the backcountry. Check out Jared’s work on his Instagram as well as his website.

Artist Interview: @EvanBatky

Evan Batky (@evanbatky) is a photographer based in Geneva, Switzerland. He has dedicated his time to shooting portraits in the beautiful landscapes across Europe, most notably their Mountains. Evan has recently started booking weddings to expand his photography skillset. His signature work focuses on people in beautiful destinations showing off the beauty of our natural world. Along with following him on his instagram, check out his work at

Artist Interview: @Swizzysworld

Muqbil Yabarow aka Swizzy Yabro (@Swizzysworld) is a Washington, DC-based photographer that has dedicated his time to traveling the world photographing monuments, landscape and candid moments in remarkable places. He is most known for immersing his subjects in flood-like environments -- adding a creative perspective to otherworldly views. Feel free to find more of his work on his instagram.