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Photo taken by    Mike Lindle

Photo taken by Mike Lindle


Meet the Authors

Much of the content featured on Focal Collective & Focal Points is created by our community of talented full-time photographers, videographers, retouchers, hobbyists, and editors. Below please refer to our list of writers as well as some of our featured guest contributors who write for our website from time to time. If you’re interested in writing for us, please get in touch using our contact page; we’ll look out for your message!


Founders & Editors

Mike Lindle

Mike first started shooting with a used Canon A-1 that he bought in Sydney, Australia back in 2013. After troubleshooting the nuances of film photography he developed a passion for framing and light.

He uses photography to inspire others to explore and capture those moments that were meant to last longer. Striving to feel humbled by the grandiosity of Earth, his work aims to connect the human experience to the significance of natural preservation, cultural excursion, and livelihood.


Drew is a photographer in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area specializing in hybrid portrait and wedding photography. His passion for photography started by snapping pictures with his phone while on nightly runs though the monuments of D.C.. Since then, he was hooked. He currently shoots with a Sony A7rii and a Mamiya 645 Pro and is always looking for new projects to expand his portfolio and to doing any type of session photography.

Mark Mackoviak

Mark is a photographer in northern Virginia. He became interested in photography while traveling on a motorcycle across Patagonia. Currently he focuses on landscape and film photography using a Canon 6D & Canon Elan 7.

Guest Contributors

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