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Guide to Buying Used DSLRs and Lenses

Due to the manufacturing complexities, research & development, and cost of production for lenses / sensors / DSLRs, these tools can have a huge markup! Many opt to buy new, but when done carefully, buying used camera gear can be a wonderful way to save money while pursuing your dreams or hobbies as a photographer / videographer.

Istanbul, Turkey Photography Guide Part 2 - Hidden Landmarks

Do you have more than a few days to explore Istanbul? Have you already walked along the Hippodrome and seen Istanbul’s old town in Sultan Ahmet? Here are a few off-the-beaten path locations in Istanbul that are sure to inspire your creative direction. Follow along with this 4 part photography guide, outlining some of the best locations across Istanbul and Turkey to photograph and explore. I was lucky to travel through Istanbul/Turkey in 2014 with my first digital camera.