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Artist Interview: Ivan Ferrera

Ivan Ferrera (@ivanferrera) is a NY/NJ-based photographer. With a professional career in Information Technology, Ivan began dedicating his pastime to shooting the spectacular New York City views as seen from New Jersey where he was born and raised. Working in New York City and living right across the hudson river has allowed him to focus on bringing NYC to his followers around the world. Along with following him on his instagram, check out his work at

Artist Interview: Evan Batky

Evan Batky (@evanbatky) is a photographer based in Geneva, Switzerland. He has dedicated his time to shooting portraits in the beautiful landscapes across Europe, most notably their Mountains. Evan has recently started booking weddings to expand his photography skillset. His signature work focuses on people in beautiful destinations showing off the beauty of our natural world. Along with following him on his instagram, check out his work at